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The debate of the intermediate tires in MotoGP

August 2, 2016 Comments (0) Motorbikes, Sell

I want a 125cc sport bike, what are my options?

There is a large part of the population with the car driving license, they can lead motorcycle in some European countries. This makes many people choose to go to work on a bike instead of driving.
For large cities is a great advantage to save time. You suffer more summer heat and winter cold suffer, but for many people compensate them.

Most users who are new to the orbit of the bikes usually does thinking 125cc models but the segment of the scooter or big scooters. However, there is still a percentage of buyers who have in mind to do it on a motorcycle sports court, as Antonio. For them, some brands still retain in their catalogs 125cc models which remain below the limit of 11kW.

Yamaha YZF R125

Undoubtedly, it is the largest sports model with cutting and big bike. At first glance, many would label as the SuperSport. In fact, these lines supersport make it one of the bikes selling of this type.

In his second restyling, Yamaha updated its model and apart from minor cosmetic changes made changes to the engine and chassis and suspensions, turning his small sport in a complete bike with a very strong personality that accompany its spectacular aesthetic section undoubtedly the strong point of the bike.

Honda CBR 125R

Honda’s commitment to cover this segment is already well established and evolved motorcycle, the CBR 125R. It is a more conservative bike in all sections direct competitor Yamaha, yet their performance is not bad.

At its most classic look it joins a slightly less powerful propellant and smoother. However, its chassis is not working nothing wrong. It is a bike that despite its sporty cut is designed to be comfortable and that further note its operation in its driving position, less aggressive. For these reasons, if our use will be more focused on making kilometers long periods on the bike, the CBR 125R is a motorcycle to take into account.

Aprilia RS4 125

Noale brand also decided to have a bike of this nature and that motorcycle is non-e other than the RS4 125. The Italian factory, an expert on small-displacement motorcycle and a great experience in this field with previous models like funny RS 50 RS125 and 2-stroke, it was learned to adapt to reinvent the rules and to make available to all users car with license B a sport bike.

The RS4 is a miniature replica of the RSV4, the bike Superbike Aprilia. Aesthetically, they could be confusing for someone not very expert even. In all technical sections, the RS4 more than 125 works properly and is uneasy, without envying anything to any of its rivals.

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