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In Barcelona nine bikes a day are stolen and recovered four

In a city like Barcelona with a complicated traffic, citizens are on motorcycles and mopeds ideal to move from one place to another carriage. The surveyed 214,000 motorcycles are proof of this. But logically, this upward trend also carries with it a large number of thefts. A more choice, more chances of theft.

Barcelona has long been the place with more bikes thefts throughout Spain. Every day is subtracted from half nine motorcycles, according to the data until July 2016 that had access La Vanguardia. The explanation is simple: steal more bikes because it is where there is more.

The seven bikes average, however, indicates a very slight decrease of 0.8% over the previous year. In 2015 they were stolen in the Catalan capital 3,296 motorcycles and mopeds; or what is the same, there were nine steals half a day, according to data provided by the Catalan police. The figures are similar, although a higher while the complaints filed in 2014 by this concept, which was 3,324. “We believe we will close the year with a downward trend,” the commissioner of the central region of the Mossos Barcelona, ​​Joan Carles Molinero.

The Catalan police puts in value the trend is decreasing recalling that “in 2011 thefts of motorbikes shot and had to make a preventive campaign every night to identify suspicious vans”. During the crisis years a criminal pressure was noted to motorcycles, as ratified josemaria Riano, general secretary of the National Association of Sector Two Wheels (Anesdor).

In Barcelona there are two types of thieves acting taking the bikes. The most worrisome are organized gangs behind a dense marketing it hides stolen parts.

These burglars act at night, go in a van high or medium in which fit six to eight bikes capacity. Then they move to warehouses where they are disassembled into parts and sent abroad. “They motorcycles and parts to export to Morocco, Eastern Europe,” explains the curator.

“Most of the pieces are sold online and is uncontrollable track them,” Tierce Eduard Love, head of automotive College of Mediators and Insurance Agents of Barcelona that also points to another method used by these bands: cloning of motorcycles. “They steal a motorcycle, punched the frame number, the cloned and put on sale at a lower market price. The amount can be 50% cheaper and obviously not sold in a legal dealer “. Another of the most common tricks is to use registration of a legal motorcycle that has had an accident and put back into circulation “alert. Of the ten most stolen motorcycles, five are scooters and match the best selling. They steal more because there is more demand for parts and have more from the black market. The podium of the most stolen are the Scoopy SH 125, the Yamaha TMAX Scoopy SH 500 and 300. And for their part, larger motorcycles are subtracted more Honda CBR 600 RR and the Kawasaki Ninja 750.

One of the main actors who favor the black market motorcycles and parts are illegal workshops. “No quote, they do not pay and make requests for custom pieces. Ask the parts to any contact of these bands and then to the customer tell you that comes from a junkyard and will be cheaper, “Love said. The Commissioner recognizes that many workshops act covered under this umbrella,” because of the scrapyards it is a somewhat uncontrolled practice. ”

The data show, however, as only 15% of stolen bikes in Barcelona have to do with organized gangs. 85% of cases are linked to negligence of the owners who leave the vehicle little guarded, in unsafe areas. In these circumstances act other thieves who also have an impact on motorcycle thefts in the Catalan capital: the opportunists. It is “common criminals” who choose to take possession of a moped or motorcycle to undertake another robbery, either the pull of the moon landing a necklace or in a commercial establishment. Then it is usual that the bike left abandoned after the theft.

In these cases, it is more usual to recover the vehicle. A theft rate follows a very interesting. The Mossos recovered almost half of the bikes are stolen. In 2015, they found 44.5% of stolen motorcycles and in 2014 were 41.3%. The Commissioner Miller attributes this largely to the advancement of technology services to enable vehicle tracking devices. “If we are notified quickly we can detect the location and intercept” warns. The trend is that the bikes will expand in its catalog gadgets for prevention. The commissioner recalled that there are cars that no longer light up with the key card but go and this makes the task much conventional thief. “The habitual offender does not touch these vehicles because they do not know how to start.

These cars are stolen very little. ” “There are brands that already implemented in standard models of modern anti-theft systems. This is a chip that is hidden in certain sites of the bike to the thief does not know where it is placed. In case of theft I could locate the bike even in a parking underground. All this has contributed to the growing trend not “explain in Anesdor. The head of the school affects insurance that also installing antitheft measures may entail savings in the insurance policy. “There brokerages that if you place a locator have a discount.”

In parallel to these prevention measures are the tips of the security forces to avoid these situations: park the bike in parking lots or lit areas, tied with a python or locking bars, and places to be crowded, which already there are other bikes.

Since the entry into force in 2004 of the validation of car driving license to carry a motorbike up to 125cc, the use of two wheels has increased considerably in Barcelona. 40% of users who choose private transport to travel inside the city is committed to the motorcycle, according to the latest data of the City of Barcelona. Motorcycle journeys inside the city accounted for 39.3% of total registered travel in private transport. The car covers 59.8%. For travel from Barcelona to the outside, the number of displacements is reduced to 13.4%. In 2015 the number of bikes surveyed in the city was 214,837. This represents almost 7,000 more vehicles than in 2014, which was 207,573 motorcycles.

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