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July 28, 2016 Comments (0) Bmw, Motorbikes

Bmw R Ninet Scrambler: younger and slicker

The twin-cylinder four-valve configuration bóxer allowed in the nineties of the last century the return of confidence of the original users of the BMW brand. But that point is over and fresh and renewed air flow circulate around the factory. With that engine once again got the trust and appreciation that lots of stalwarts withdrew them to the motors K. The same acronym welcomes the bike’s flagship brand show up: the K1600 GTL. But also for the most sports activities it has generated another type of work, for his participation in the Globe Superbike Championship and demanded it. This is actually the letter “S”, and the S 1000 RR is the most advanced and powerful in its catalog, with the sports activities stamp offering the brand.

The boxer still

Parallel to his brand-new creations powered 3- and four-cylinder boxer evolution of 4 valves remained faithful to its concepts, and reached few dates makes, very high degrees of technical sophistication: a great example may be the BMW R 1200 RS. But success isn’t accidental boxer engine and the trick is focusing on how to adjust to many different bikes. Right now, with the Scrambler, R NINET heritage, has noticed again receive a fitness in classic style, with atmosphere cooling except by riding a generous essential oil cooler.

This is an effort to get back on the right track, abandoned years back by some brands and go back to the basic motorcycles, simple in appearance, without the expenses of materials and sophistication, typical of all sports bikes. But where may be the highest proportion because of these simple elements? For braking, like the ABS-and retains binding in motorcycles actually low range, but aren’t Brembo callipers radial anchoring or floating discs.

Another essential requirement is in the routine part … because the inverted fork of the R-and its pubs NINET 46 mm- provides way to a typical telescopic fork with 43 mm pubs. The bellows is usually a detail that may make sure you the purists and can be an aesthetic contribution of the 1st order.


In the dashboard, before our eyes we look for a single clock speedometer with consequent warning lights and a display of liquid quartz, which takes the area of both spheres of the prior model.

Doses savings are obvious again, with the purpose of supplying a basic motorcycle, very simple to adapt to the tastes of its owner and pleasing to the eye. Section of the reason is because of seat upholstered in brownish, but also influences the abundance of items polished and, you will want to say it? the Akrapovic exhaust manifolds with stainless and Titanium silent supplying a sound, for my taste, extremely constant with this model.

The truth

But, make zero mistake. This is simply not a scrambler motorbike which look for complications in muddy areas and damaged roads. In the wide variety of BMW motorcycles already it exists, more fitted to that role models, but we must clarify that the presentation took place completely on wet asphalt and heavy rain. Except in rare occasions of respite, the Metzeler Touratec Following certainly are a complement of wonderful group of this model, because in these circumstances are as required as the match Goretex or nylon in order to avoid the rain. The edition with tires Metzeler Karoo 3 large and individual taco, certainly has its put on asphalt, with very sporadic appointments to areas without it. But on our roads and we’ll try opinaremos on the planet … and ai the choice is given. But that’ll be in the check as this bicycle will reach Spain and BMW Motorrad place one inside our hands.

The Scrambler BMW with the bottom of the R NINET is a styling exercise designed to go back to the aesthetics of these basic motorcycles, that have been always within the catalog of the brand however now with technological help, inevitable in times we live.

ABS, electronic gas injection, traction control and, in the version We tested, heated grips, useful under the heavy rainfall that fell through the two times of the test.

BMW has once again surprised me with a different product. For the motorbike as a reference is definitely more advanced (for fork and braking) and was conceived with top quality components. However the Scrambler exists … and you must look with new eye. It really is a different item, not a step back the development of the R NINET. BMW isn’t intended “just” lower costs of creation (though it has been accomplished, without doubt) and yes to fully capture the interest of another audience, one which will not require such developed fork as an inverted or tweezers and discs Brembo higher performance .


Your client of a BMW gets younger and appreciate the brand new aesthetic trends, offering the brand reinterpreting days gone by, with a very modern and suitable product for a big group of future users. But testing, in the rain even, we saw that it’s a very noble bicycle in behavior, well balanced, with great and titratable braking with two 320mm discs front and one 165mm back (with four-piston calipers front side and two rear), Abdominal muscles, metallic hoses … a thought maybe more for individual make use of bicycle but with the same power as the R NINET which can be its nearest reference street remarkably well with tires 120 / 70-18 front and 170 / 60-17 behind. The chair is usually 82 cm from the bottom but perfectly reach its ergonomics and thin seat smaller compared to the R NINET. We thank and low excess weight of just 220 kg, specifically in the sluggish turns and move on standing up becomes evident.

Like that just, but …

The engine may be the traditional BMW boxer two-cylinder 1,170 cc air-cooled oil cooler that provides 110 hp at 7,750 rpm, with six gears and shaft travel. It’s the same foundation but with a different spirit, precisely the aesthetic that many young newcomers and people are contributing to custom bikes every decade.

Product sales of the brand is another option, yet another, for the heterogeneous community of bikers who also use Bmw. Said “like this, but” … although they must still confirm its final price and also to come last summer.

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