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Charly Sinewan, the motorcycle traveler more mediatic

Carlos Sinewan decided five years ago to ask for a leave of absence from his company to travel the world on a motorcycle without a return ticket. In July 2009 began preparations for the trip. Ironically he called his blog “The World in Moto Sinewan”.

Eight months later he arrived in Sydney after more than forty thousand kilometers, twenty countries and several thousand people who had read his chronicles the journey. Since then many people know him as Charly Sinewan.

From Sydney she returned to Madrid with the idea of ​​rejoining his company and to terminate the dream. However it was not needed to keep traveling. A few months later he began to travel again. This time he decided to do this in stages and leave the bike parked in different African cities. That lleguó to Cape Town after getting off the west coast without completely disassociated from urban life.

In May 2013 Cape Town started with the idea of ​​climbing the east coast and reach Madrid in four months. But it was not, this time the trip was very slow and thoughtful. After nearly five years by combining two such different lives, finally he decided that what made me really happy is to travel and share with readers of your website.

Charly showed the world Sinewan traffic madness in Kenya and got his video became viral, with over half a million views on YouTube. And it is that Carlos Garcia Portal, Charly Sinewan for fans to travel on a motorcycle, has become a media phenomenon to be able to tell their personal life adventure of a kind, fun, full of complicity and own resources more ambitious in terms of media productions.

This Madrid 40 years decided to turn his passion for traveling on a motorcycle in a lifestyle, he broke with all that bound him to Madrid and began touring the world with a BMW GS 800. It has left behind Africa (although before had traveled to Australia) and unrepeatable to continue his challenge now on the American continent experiences. Starts in New York with the aim of crossing the United States from coast to anything for the Trans American Trail (a kind of Route 66 but off-road) for, then put southbound.

As a Sinewan likes to do, he will travel unhurried but with intensity. Wants to get to Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world) in the next two years, the time necessary to count your videos all waiting for you to offer America. Their stories are followed by more than 20,000 unconditional and video channel adds more than three million views. A fidelity that, ultimately, is its gasoline because of the success of this work depends on the support of sponsors and the same, consequently, the economic viability of the project.

Coinciding with the start of this new chapter of his world tour, videos Charly Sinewan may also follow from the specialized web of Prisa Noticias. The engine thus supports your project, bringing a broader and diverse audience, both in Spain and in Latin America, Madrid adventure.

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