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The eCall reaches to motorbikes

This summer will dsicover many bikes on the highway and not just on roads with traffic but sometimes lost roads, paths or in the countryside. And what goes on if there is a major accident?

Consider this scenario of solitude and unite to it the necessity, oftentimes, for immediate assistance. In case of a crash, the velocity equals the proper help save lives.

In 2011 a fascinating experience within the pan-European eCall check was performed. Emergency solutions could actually respond even more quickly and move on to the picture of a major accident between 40 and 50 percent faster.

The European Commission, that was accountable for the test, estimated using the eCall system could conserve to 2,500 lives every year and save 26,000 million euros. Since 2018, eCall will become mandatory in new vehicles.

But BMW, which he used for the very first time in their vehicles the e-Contact in 1999 in Europe, has gone and further, due to its collaboration using its car division, also apply this technique on the bikes from early following year.

The option “Intelligent Crisis Call” is situated on the proper handlebar. Here we’ve an SOS button guarded by a cover that is utilized to begin or cancel a crisis contact, a microphone and a loudspeaker. The bike bears sensors: the effect detects collisions with another automobile or a collision with an obstacle. And the position detects the position where in fact the motorcycle is.

Satellite tracking of crisis site

ECall requires a link with the cellular phone network to begin the rescue chain, but zero specific mobile phone operator is not needed. In the event of emergency or accident, the system could be operated manually or instantly, to start out the rescue sends the decision center brand placement and path of travel. This simplifies the positioning of motorcyclist in challenging sites and motorway junctions.

Very important it really is to emphasize that people are talking about something with international coverage so when a tone of voice connection is made, the driver can get in touch with the Call Center within their native language, extremely effective in emergency situations.

Three scenarios

Intelligent Emergency Call considers three possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: Automatic begin when dropped or serious collision

The emergency call is made without waiting for a period of time automatically, sending a note to a BMW Call Center. the sound connection is utilized to help the incident victim / driver before emergency service. It sent help even when there is no response. A screen on the device panel demonstrates it offers initiated an eCall. and yes it launches an acoustic transmission. In that case, the driver can’t cancel the emergency contact.

Scenario 2: Automatic begin in case of a fall or minor collision

In this full case, the emergency contact waiting 25 seconds before sending a note to the BMW contact center. If help is necessary after an accident, the incident victim / the driver can cancel the emergency contact by pressing a switch. If not really canceled, it is placed into the rescue chain brand as in situation 1.

Scenario 3: Manual begin by pressing a button

In this instance the eCall is performed manually by pressing the SOS button on the proper handlebar, for example, requesting help to other motorists. a note to the BMW contact middle is sent and tone of voice connection is established. In this full case, the driver also offers the chance to cancel the decision by pressing a key or turning off the engine. Intelligent Crisis Call can only end up being activated manually with the bike and prevent the engine.

The machine “Call Intelligent Crisis” recognizes situations that aren’t emergencies, for instance, if the bicycle at low speeds that usually do not involve additional traffic, the shock of the bicycle falls being stopped or accidents when passing more than a pothole or field trips (eg little jumps or rolling more than obstacles).

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