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August 18, 2016 Comments (0) Bikers, Gadgets, Motorbikes

Is it legal to install a GoPro camera on your bike or helmet?

Is not is not the first time you cross you with a motorist who has installed a video camera in his helmet or bike? It is neither the first nor will be the last. Fashion record everything we do has also reached the biker culture and with it we have been several doubts about the legality of these devices, their use and the use of images recorded on board a motorcycle.

The questions that assail us are clear: Is it legal to install this type of video cameras on bikes or helmets ?; To what extent can be made public recorded images ?; And above all, is it safe to install these devices in our motorcycles or motorcycle helmets?

Even with the regulations in hand, there are a number of questions about what other and what we can do when we are on the road with this type of recording devices that are so fashionable. Everything contained in legislative texts are subject to multiple interpretations and does not seem to be much specificity as to the question whether it is legal to carry a camera on the bike.

In principle, it is legal to carry a camera on a motorcycle, but obviously there are a number of limitations that we must take care not to infringe the rules and earn a deserved traffic ticket for not having attended the permission of the authorities.

Install a video camera on your bike or helmet is illegal when …

One of the aspects that will make this type of video cameras that are illegal installation will transform the integral structure of both the motorcycle helmet as our own bike. In the case of motorcycle helmet, change its structure by installing a video camera in the wrong place, it makes approval is invalidated helmet and motorcycle helmet that becomes much more vulnerable.

Obviously, if the video camera is installed interfering with the view of some indicator, such as speed, fuel, etc., or if we hinder access to the controls, or the view of the road, this type of recording devices also become illegal.

In addition, whether or not legally carry a video camera on your bike, it is important to know that if an agent of the authority so considered, we have to remove it, take low risk of a fine if we take the opposite. His approach has sancionarnos weight and can not only cater for reasons of visibility of the roadway, or indicators, but also security if we suffer an accident.

Is it legal to publish the images that we recorded on our motorcycle?

The system of protection of personal data established in this Organic Law shall not apply to files maintained by individuals in the course of a purely personal or household activity.

What this rule says it is summarized in something simple: the images obtained recording only be used in the private or personal sphere. If images are to PLS to share in our social networks, posting on a website or to make a report that is to be made public, you should note that it is mandatory pixelate the faces of people and license plates of other vehicles.

It is also important to remember that due to the recent passage of the Public Safety Act it is an offense recording a state security agent, which must take care.

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