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Honda Motocompo

The Honda Motocompo was a wager made by japan manufacturer seeking a motorbike small dimensions and that may be kept in the trunk of an automobile. It didn’t work as expected and so are now extremely prized collection objects.

The Honda Motocompo started advertising in 1981 and was on sale just until 1983, an interval in which a lot more than 50,000 units were sold. Honda was clear right from the start that the bicycle was stowed in the trunk of the urban versions in its selection of cars in those days marketed to ensure that its dimensions had been carefully studied.

For over 600 euros for the time (80,000 yen), they were able to make a completely functional bicycle once folded had a most regular possible ways to ensure that it may be easily kept and transported. With bit more when compared to a meter long, half of a meter high and weighing 45 kilos, the Honda Motocompo fit flawlessly into the trunk of a Honda City, also called Honda Jazz later. Today the Honda, another Important Car that was marketed from 1985, also experienced studied the sizes of the shoe to permit maximum store within the small motorcycle.

Experienced a 49cc, two-stroke air-cooled getting 2.5 horsepower. Plenty of to move city because of its low weight. Their autonomy was quite huge despite having a deposit of simply over two liters. Its low usage allowed him to proceed smoothly over 150km.

Once we got close to our Honda Town, we got off the chair, quitábamos the guts cap and hid each one of the handle bars inside, after that replacing the cap because of the integrated handles literally charge beneath the arm and place it in to the Car Trunk. In the next video you can observe the way the charge was made.

When offered the Honda Town, also he stressed the marketing period of load capacities of little Japanese kei-car, as you can plainly see in the ad. We remember that it is extremely freak and you may create your looking at addiction:

If ye are deeply in love with the Honda Motocompo, simply realizing that there are two sale in Claremont in ideal condition and coming in at $ 2,500 for the white model and 3,000 regarding yellow model.

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