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August 11, 2016 Comments (0) Bikers, Honda, Motorbikes

Honda NC750X DCT

No doubt we are facing one of the most logical and complete ones motorcycles. It is no coincidence that, since its launch in 2012, has remained among the ten best selling motorcycles in Europe. The load capacity of the NC750X is unparalleled. Its consumption is bright. Its handling is nice city and road poise help maintain, if you wish, surprisingly upbeat rhythms. Its aerodynamic protection and ergonomics studied provide reasonable ride comfort and the wide handlebars and an extended suspensions -150 mm- allow certain incursions by land roads little difficult. And all for 7,649 euros with ABS included in manual version and 8,449 euros with DCT.

Is a practical motorcycle as few but … with the power cut just beyond 6,000 rpm, with less than 55 hp and 230 kg does not seem an exciting proposal, you say some. And do not lack reason. But first let me ask you a question Have you ever felt in your hands brute force, the kick of a good torque to fully open to just under 2,000 rpm? It’s a feeling of power, full fist. Like driving a nail in one swipe with a large deck. Something that impresses. Why god invented the Harley. And so Truimph, with new modern classics of 2016, was passed to the “deck” with pistons and crankshafts long openwork to 270 ° career. Like this Honda.

You can also start having overcome feelings 8,000 taps per minute. But it is another roll. Best? I say it’s a matter of taste. But if not yet know what the “deck”, you should try it. Without going any further with this Honda.

I picked up the bike in Honda Spain and taking advantage of the surrounding highways, I started the test by expressways. Protection from air is not bad. Nor notes many wind noise. The display has grown in size, but still lacks a little to leave fully protected shoulders and prevent air contact at the top of the helmet, just above the visor.

Llaneando motorway at 120 km / h, the engine will turning a restful 3,700 / 3,800 rpm. In this tran tran the onboard computer marked an instantaneous consumption of 3.6 l / 100.

Ergonomically it is well resolved. Maybe I’m something puntilloso- footrests are somewhat delayed, forcing the legs bend a little. The seat, despite not being soft, comfortable. After more than two hours “The Jerk” I just felt tired. Obviously not a RT. Fatigue has just appeared, but face long runs should be no problem. Furthermore, just vibe. The new balance shaft, built in the second generation of the NC motor does very good work.

Its cruising speed at maximum torque engine speed around 150 km / h. By developing the theoretical tip would be close to 200 km / h. The bike corre.Estamos to one of the most logical and complete bikes on the market

The space reserved for the passenger is decent, the hardness of the seat is acceptable and bending of the legs (by the position of their footrests) is correct. That’s what my wife tells me. The expert in this matter. Although this time only been able to test for short distances, so we can not say much about road runs. disculparéis us and you.

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