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The most wanted motorcycles of 2016

November 22, 2016 Comments (0) Bikers, Harley Davidson, Motorbikes, News

The 32 Incredible Harley Davidson Models

07 – Harley Davidson Roadster


Compact line, agile style and powerful torque in a machine made for the streets. The new Roadster imposes a powerful new sporting level in the Sportster family.

Its refined performance includes a 43mm reversed front fork with huge triple clamps, powerful dual-disc front brakes, premium rear suspension, a new instrument panel with dual indicator to complement the flagship fuel tank and the trimmed rear fender.

The driving position is aggressive, but comfortable for long trips thanks to the 19 “front wheels and 18” cast aluminum 5-spoke rear, lowered bars, center controls and a new double seat. Its 45-degree engine with 1200cc provides powerful starting torque. You dare?

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