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Indian Chief Classic

Climb a Indian Chief Classic is a privilege, something I have to thank this beloved profession. The full range of motorcycles Indian, no model that does not feel like trying, quite the contrary, each has a unique appeal. over ten years ago, I had the opportunity to try, if only for a moment, an authentic Indian Chief, 1947. John, the owner, said the American Biker Pig Dictionary defined the first Indian to 1903 as “The Happy result of crossing a Buick with a Schwann bike. ”

But that incredible Chief of 47, it was something else. He rumbled like a steam engine, grumbling and scolding his forcefulness to anyone who stood in his way with just the look. The Chief of John rode a 1,203 cc engine in V to 42º, valves on the block, double side camshaft, culbute with intermediate rocker arms, which developed an output of 40 hp.

Who was going to tell me that eleven years after the Indian would be aposentadas in the modern market, with due respect and presence. 1947 Chief that augured good and happy moments to mark the Indian’s head. What seemed like a “cowboys and Indians” has become a reality.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I would like to make an adaptation of this saying to testing bikes, but with small changes in the terms and their order. So we could say that a return on the corresponding bike is worth a thousand pictures. But what happens is that most judge and crucify any bike, just based on a few nice pictures. Those same who have tried for pictures, possibly never to climb on that bike, and never know how it will actually what hides behind them, their strengths and weaknesses.

Of the three Indian I’ve ever tried, equipping the large 1,811 cc engine, the Chief Classic is possibly the most surprised me.
At first glance it is declared as a motorcycle stylish, elegant and even thin, very thin. Everything seems to be fairing, covered with iron, protected from the outside, along the lines of its predecessor forties.

The rounded, stylized, clothing forms a huge V-twin engine 49 degrees, 111 cubic inches, which is 1,811 cc. This imposing and beautiful engine, is the center of all the stylistic configuration of the Chief Classic. Everything that surrounds it, it seems encumbrarlo, extol, enhancing her figure, because she really deserves.

The elegance with which stylistic have been drawn from each of the pieces that cover the Chief Classic lines, are worthy of the greatest admiration. Although not your style motorcycle, although have not tried it, or want to try, it is undeniable that its design is admirable, impossible not to like.

Paves the way a huge lighthouse-shaped head ant -a term used in the world of clásicas-, fully chromed. This is plumb on a thick telescopic fork 46 mm diameter and 119 mm travel, with dual hardness springs, which supports the front wheel 16 “. The tire is a Dunlop American Elite 130 / 90B16 73H. Envelops a huge wheel fender majestic and elegant forms, with the inescapable and Indian head with their own light, presiding over the undeniable comitiva.Es its design is admirable, impossible not to like

The saddle type seat, is the most ergonomic in the sector, with a genuine leather upholstery and worked consistently with all the motorcycle. Under it, two surround pieces on each side, cover this part, formally merging to perfection.

Behind the wheel pushing this whole mess is glamor. Covered by another envelope and precious fenders, spectacular volumetric forms; the rear wheel is 180 / 65B16 81H. Damper and rocker are completely hidden under the fender, supported by two stylized chrome swords. The rear pilot could not be less in design terms, and follows the current trend of using LEDs as indicators.

On the bottom two chrome exhaust tips the walk along both sides. Despite being fully certified to comply with current regulations, their sound is spectacular. The Indian say they have chromed everything that could be chromed.

The other key piece, as in the majority and motorcycles, is the vessel that houses the precious liquid, the gas tank. Its design respects the basic rule of the world custom style. Like a drop of water, it is divided into two parts by a short strip of black leather and connecting the console with seat board. Each part has a plug, but the left one is fictitious, only it serves to fill the tank on the right. It found the spherical analog speedometer with cream-colored background.

Inside, a small screen as a window, exposes us to other usual and necessary information such as odometer partial dual, digital tachometer, ambient temperature, fuel level, fuel consumption, battery voltage, selected gear, clock schedule, warning fault code reading, heated grips level, low oil pressure, engine, plus nine LED warning devices cruise control, neutral, high beam, intermittent, ABS, electronic fuel level …

The handlebar is the type of cow horn, pristine finishes are insurmountable, as have passed the cables, etc. Pineapple on the right found the cruiser control, very useful.

The chassis is based on a modern aluminum monocoque chassis structure, which also functions as air box (such as the Victory). The engine is based on the chassis, also by a structure beneath the steering head, from which two tubes that hold the engine unhook.

The brakes of the Indian Chief Classic is based on a dual front disc 300 mm in diameter, floating with 4 piston caliper. Behind one 300 mm but also with two-piston caliper. Ample.

As for ergonomics, a very important factor, the Chief Classic is almost perfect. The position is super, everything to be in place, despite the stature of the privileged individual to ride it. The shape of the handle allows perfect control of the situation. Likewise the seat height also helps a lot (660 mm). As platforms, well designed, spacious facilitating access to the raucous shift lever and brake pedal accordingly. They have a gum base which dampens vibrations and annoying bumps. Although I will discuss later, it is difficult scrape the asphalt with these platforms.

Start the Indian Chief Classic is the easiest. With the key in your pocket, you only have to press the button “Start” button on the console of the deposit and the bike begins to whisper in your ear. The sound emitted rather heavenly music is unlike anything you may have heard that before on a motorbike. It is difficult to define, either resembles emitted by other Indian I have tasted. To give you an idea, I would say it is similar to a Chevrolet Impala ’69 engines sound Everything is between V

Despite its imposing presence, it is very easy to become familiar with it. The driving position, smoothness control, the turning radius, low center of gravity, everything is easy with this bike. The situation of the platforms, allows you to raise and lower the foot to relax asphalt, smooth, as in other bikes of the same style. The shifter and rear brake pedal is actuated clearly, they are in place. Although the platforms are not as spacious as the Victory Cross Country, for example-the larger of the market, if they are comfortable and allow you some movement on these, a change in position, which for that are plataformas.El engine sounds like a Chevrolet Impala 69

The design of the handle, let the wrist in a good position, without being forced, which is appreciated, and facilitates maneuvers at short distances. By supporting the bike on the kickstand, the address does not drop weight as in some competition bikes. The design and width of the handlebars, you make it easy, do not you find strange blind spots. It is noted that in Indian have placed great emphasis on good design and ergonomics.

V- twin engine of the first Indian Chief, 1946, is for me one of the nicest I have seen few engines. But the Indian riding the new era, it is even more. And when it was first introduced, it augured good vibrations. Indian have done a splendid job in this modern engine, without losing sight of the special brand philosophy of the Indian’s head. This is a two-cylinder in V to 49º image and likeness of 1946, with distribution controlled by rods and leaks coming out down the cylinder heads. The radial design finned cylinder heads and the cooling fins of the cylinders follow the design of 1946. But obviously, the interior has been completely redesigned. The cylinder heads use two valves per cylinder, driven by rocker arms and hydraulic tappets. The cooling is air and oil, with the addition of a sophisticated electronic engine management.

This V-twin is a long race, 113 x 101 mm, ideal for these bikes measures seeking torque at all costs, with a rhythmic and smooth running at low revolutions. The best answer is found in boot time and recoveries, which are progressive and forceful. It is clear that the performance of this engine is mainly based on the torque, it is what prevails in these mega-twin cylinder. Manufactures figures only hint at this concept: 14.1 kgm at 2,600 rpm, a couple impressive engine.

The six-speed, amazing accuracy and smoothness. The “overdrive”, sixth is super long. The clutch multidisc in oil bath, with final drive toothed belt neoprene reinforced with carbon fiber. Remember that this bicilindrico has a cubic measures 111 inches (1,811 cc). Its most direct American competition 110 cubic inches.

Select first gear, loose clutch and Chief Classic moves its mass of about 350 kg with surprising ease, the pair noted. The pulsations are perceived through a pleasant vibrations. They could almost count the pistonadas. The engine transmits speech, it is noted, as the speech of a professor of philosophy.

When we tested bikes, often we change mount and feelings seem mixed, confused, but really is not. In the back of our brain we are perfectly saved those aspects that differ most picketed and customize each bike. But there is always one that stands out from all others. Are those bikes that leave their mark on the retina and in the very back up our memory. The Indian Chief Classic is one of them.

Move this bike is much easier than it may seem. His bulky appearance or weight, are really an impediment to go wherever the hell you want from the city. And so we did with Felix Romero, one of our most experienced photographers. A first stop in front of an emblematic and elegant restaurant in Barcelona. Situations that were generated with the Chief Classic, not usually happen. The restaurant staff, including the manager came to admire and caress her with praise. We were presented with some coffee, and all thanks the Indian Chief Classic. And her beauty arouses passions.

The engine pushes and pushes on. I’m shifting gears, as does a conductor with changes in motion. Poise is perfect, the sense of directionality is total. Which allows you to operate the cruise control and getting caught up in the pleasure of rolling to the rhythm of the road. Suspensions work accordingly. Comply perfectly with its function, generating an important sense of security, which is supported by a powerful and functional brakes. The difference in braking for the Chief Classic, with other bikes with similar characteristics, is that here is greater accuracy and decisiveness with which it does. No braking to plan in advance, by the inertia of the extra kilos.

You might think that the curves are not their habitat, that theirs are the long straight roads Route 66. For Estai s wrong, try this Indian Chief Classic by a winding road and you will be surprised.

I did not like this hobby we have to classify the bikes. If this serves to mousetraps roads, if this one for highway, etc. One bought a motorcycle and the bike goes where he pleases, whether narrow roads and tight corners, dirt roads, expressways or possibly the Indian sea.Es that surprised me

What surprised me most of the Indian Chief Classic, is the ease with which it is conducted and how fast you can go with such a bike more than generous dimensions. also you will think that the platforms are an impediment to the curves, if you go a little tipsy, nope. No scratch with platforms on curves or wanting.

I rolled with it felt different, unique. I felt that there bikes with so much personality that contaminates you, you absorb, so you spend part of them, not they you. When the glamor, style, good design with performance and technology mix, the result is an Indian Chief Classic.

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