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August 22, 2016 Comments (0) Motorbikes, Summer

The 7 best bikes to travel this summer

We have made a choice trying to build on the different types of travel that we may run bikers in summer. From bikes ideal for weekend trips, to real machines that spend days and kilometers outside of our home and our residence unpleasant routine. A set of bikes you’ll enjoy every moment. These are the best 7 bikes to travel this summer.


I could not miss in this list of the most awaited bikes of the year, the Honda Africa Twin. A true myth in the world of two-wheeled Honda returns to return to the top, something that felt when he passed through our hands. It is a perfect bike for both trips inluyan a single day tour packed dirt roads, but also as a vehicle for long routes.


Another new feature that has come this year from the successful saga Master of Torque Yamaha, is that the Tracer 700 receives the drive of the MT-07, correctamete adapted for a perfect bike for those looking for a long vacation and few kilometers on his motorcycle. A versatile and balanced bike, that will always give you everything you ask for it.


Selling authentic Spain, as we are to the best selling motorcycle in our country. Quick, agile and above all very funny, qualities that make it a perfect companion for those seeking thrills on their travels trip. Cries out for a road full of curves.


A representative for lovers of retro and neoclassical. Triumph has hit the jackpot with this bike, as well as its access model (it is compatible with the A2), we have a bike that does not seem to be the smallest of the family, since his character and docility will make you feel the back of a genuine Boneville.

BMW R 1200 RT

A fixed or participation in any list that includes motorcycle to travel. Probably the perfect bike for a couple who decide to travel, as the passenger will equal or almost more comfortable than the driver. To this we can add multiple options to equip suitcases and bags for scooter which carry our luggage and get away from the madding crowd urban.


Suzuki also wanted to put all the meat on the grill resurrecting the SV650, which has little to do with its predecessor. A much more logical and balanced bike, with which you have a wide range of accessories to personalize it to your taste and be authentic envy of all who pass by your side during the trip.


Finally, he could not miss one of the most spectacular Italian machines of the year, the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro. A wolf off-road you will feel unhelpful but include in your itinerary a tour of dirt and mud. Yes, its qualities on asphalt are also there, and if you think we do not check out the test we did about it.

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