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July 29, 2016 Comments (0) Motorbikes, News

Motorcycle thefts increase in Cali

Within the first half of the 12 months in Cali car theft fell 12%, thefts of motorcycles rose 20%. Between January and June in 1477 they have already been stolen motorcycles, 255 a lot more than in 2015, and 754 cars, 103 thefts much less.

A researcher Sijín argues that the upsurge in motorcycle theft is because of the actual fact that the advertising of stolen bicycles is a lot easier for criminals to advertising cars.

Based on the researcher, the authorities have already been established that a big section of the stolen motorcycles in Cali are available in remote regions of southern Colombia because Nariño, Putumayo and cauca, and in villages in Ecuador even.

“There has been a rise in the buy of motorcycles in rural areas in the southern. We know, because we’ve dismantled many gangs involved with this illicit, that a lot of the bicycles are stolen in the town are for sale in departments such as for example Cauca and Narino, “says the researcher.

The prices of the bikes become even half the price of a new motorcycle, depending on the condition you are in and mileage. In May this full year, police split up a criminal gang known as ‘The Indians RX’, dedicated exactly to the theft of motorcycles after that sold in Toribio, Caloto and Corinto.

The authorities also have found that on the problem of car theft, a different phenomenon occurs: a number of these are stolen for trade within their parts while motorcycles can be purchased complete. While some are taken to Ecuador with false files.

Reducing theft of automobiles, indicates the source, is basically because two variables. On the main one hand, increased law enforcement operatives to assault not only those that run theft, but to dismantle the whole structure that is also accountable for the sale of the parties. However, is raising caution by visitors to avoid being stolen.

“Most car theft is distributed by haul, and then vehicles are remaining parked in abandoned areas. Folks have learned to keep them in secure places, “he says.

A member of a motorcycle club in the town that advance initiatives theft of motorcycles, that have been recognized several specific areas where offenders structures focused on this crime.

Based on the source, who favored anonymity, being among the most critical Bridge Thousand Times, Highway with Calle 44 and Avenida Circunvalación counted. “However, the simple truth is that people as a golf club of motorcyclists who are denouncing this scourge, known instances of almost the whole city,” he says.

The club has initiated through internet sites several initiatives to pull focus on the increasing cases of theft of motorcycles and has several communication networks to recognize dangerous areas and also to make an effort to recover the stolen bicycles. However, says among its members, significantly less than 10% of the bicycles are stolen have already been recovered.

What they have achieved through their initiatives, it really is alarming the authorities on the modalities of theft that are occurring and the most affected areas.

Club users reported for instance that in Sameco there exists a band that monitors his victims many kilometers before achieving the bridge of the Thousand Times. During follow-up, inform additional criminals who, once achieving the bridge, intimidate their victims with firearms or make sure they are fall.

Many of the leading motorbike golf club called, however, increased law enforcement presence throughout the town to curb increasing thefts.

“The situation is quite difficult, but we realize that the law enforcement is preparing to work. We call for more existence on the streets especially at night, because the mere existence of the authorities deters thieves, “says among the members of the golf club.

According to numbers from the police, the hours in Cali steal more bicycles are among 9 pm and midnight.

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