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14 Amazing Museums About Motorcycles

Collecting motorcycles is a good habit boosted in the last 50 years for social delight and for preserving history. Motorcycle museums are many, but not all quality. Europe, Japan and USA have the best.

The simple fact of possessing gives pleasure to the collector, but you always need more. Logically you have to set limits and real objectives because, otherwise, the project can end in bankruptcy. If you have resources, everything is easier.

Some private collections of motorcycles are better than the official ones of the own brand, altruistic museums constructed to measure for the use and enjoyment of its owner and that it is open to the public. Some of these collections sleep in polygons or macrogarages with restricted access for friends and relatives of the owner, nothing more.

14 – Motorcycle Museum – Barcelona

It was inaugurated in 2011 by the Private Foundation Moto Mario Soler Museum, promoted by the family of this passionate of the two wheels that became an excellent restorer and reputed collector.

It currently manages a collection of 300 motorcycles, in addition to the Moto Basella Museum standing since 2002. General admission costs € 9.

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