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November 28, 2016 Comments (2) Motorbikes

Norton V4: 200 Hp For 171 Kg

Norton Returned To Production In 2008


Norton is a legendary British motorcycle brand, registered as Norton Motorcycles. It stopped producing in the 90’s and started again its creation of motorcycles in the year 2008.

James Lansdowne Norton, born in Birmingham and at the age of 19, founded Norton Manufacturing in 1898 with the aim of producing bicycle chains.

In 1902 he produced the first Norton motorcycle by adding a small motor to a bicycle at the bottom of the frame. In 1908 as a continuation of the first model, Norton developed a single-cylinder 633cc engine that would be mounted on five models of the brand enjoying a long life.

A direct rival of the Norton V4: Yamaha Mt-10 with 160 hp!

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2 Responses to Norton V4: 200 Hp For 171 Kg

  1. Doug says:

    Here we see evidence of how important proofreading and punctuation are…”James Lansdowne Norton, born in Birmingham at the age of 19″. How can someone be born at the age of 19? DUMBASS!!!

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