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The eCall reaches to motorbikes

July 25, 2016 Comments (0) Motorbikes, Sell

Sales of motorbikes in Nicaragua continues to grow

The average person who wears cowboy tight, plaid t-shirt, pointy boots with thick belt buckle and has traveled from Camoapa, Chontales, searching for a fleet of motorcycles for use in the cattle farm San Luis. The youthful university pupil who wears form-fitting camisole, shorts and sneakers design order provides hovered at a showroom in Managua to quotation the cost of a motorcycle which allows transported without disadvantages, the primary city. Both have develop the conviction become 7 62,000 automobiles offering businesses anticipate to costs in 2016.

Miguel Aleman, god, the daddy of folksy accent Camoapa, and Monsieur Garcia, a boy pupil of marketing, seeking for on motorcycles two particular features: keeping and simple to move. The 1st wishes six automobiles of the sort to provide to the employees who are responsible for monitoring herd cattle and farm crops; another wishes a motorbike because to execute a mathematical calculation, together with his parents collectively, he recognized that it is very much cheaper than spending taxi a lot more than C $ 250 a morning.

They are simply just two cases that reflect the true reason behind the increased marketing of motorcycles. Product sales of the automobiles in the Nicaraguan marketplace reached an of 55 even,000 variations in 2015, representing the very best commercial result since 2008 and represents a rise of 23% over 2014, based on the Nicaraguan Association of suppliers of AUTOMOBILES (Andiva) . Another data that confirms the dynamism of the bicycles is Measurement Research Living Requirements 2014 usually, which uncovered that the possession of motorcycles improved from 2% in 2005 to 11% in 2014, attaining advancement of 513% between those years.

In the imply period, Andiva President Alvaro Rodriguez, projected by the final of 2016 the 32 companies offering 62, 000 automobiles motorcycles expenditures shall accomplish nationwide, an amount representing a rise of 11%.

“The growth every year are similar, attended from a sustained growth of 10% or 11%, however, in 2015 had a significant growth in 2016 and think that the tendency grows roughly 11%,” Rodriguez stated.


Stats of the Central Loan company of Nicaragua (BCN) display screen that in 2015 america paid Most of us $ 46.568 million for imports of motorcycles, higher than US $ 9 million in 2014, when the expense of importing the same vehicle reached US $ 37,313.6 million.

“Acquisitions of capital products were valued in every folks $ 1,366.2 million, soon add up to a rise rate of 10%. The increase was generally induced by improved intro of transport gear with a rise rate of 17.4% because of higher buys of light automobiles and motorcycles “, says the NCBs in its Annual Declaration.

Although Nicaragua has demonstrated a rise in revenue of the vehicles, Andiva president said that america is in its infancy if weighed against the surplus Central American markets.

“Guatemala sells a 12 a couple of months between 140,000 and 150,000 motorcycles in Costa Rica can be purchased around 80,000, El Salvador might be the most depressed marketplace, it sells about 30,000 and Honduras between 55,000 and 56,000 anda motorcycles. Nicaragua and honduras are extremely similar in circumstances of markets “, stated Rodriguez.

The dynamism is because there thirty rivals in the marketplace currently offering 42 brands of different price and quality.

“The financing provides affected the sale of motorcycles, the initial methods down the bicycle and bus to the bicycle, consumption is cheaper, the bicycle forget about a way for cheap transport,” said Henry Perez, executive income of one 1 of the distributors of the primary city just, who also believes that at the brief second fund a bike could possibly be as being a washer or wise Television.


70% of the bikes sold corresponds to models sport and harbingers. Many purchasers utilize it for daily function, simply because they recommend that some continuing businesses set up as essential to have their personal vehicle.

Allan Espinoza a chavalo 22 years older, requested employment courier often, but they refused: “We thought the business enterprise business would assign me the bicycle, but We’d to get my very own, personal and that was how specifically we got a working job . It would have already been impossible otherwise. ”

For Allan, the bicycle is synonymous with keeping. He says that in his function you receives a commission a per diem gas and depreciation of their method of transportation, therefore if you are in a position to perform personal errands or getting together with his girlfriend spends about C $ 100 to proceed.

“Get the bicycle it went more advanced than I idea, I acquired employment and I’ve a lot more facilities to move whenever and wherever, without convinced that the bus still left myself,” he said.

“Most quoted are sport bicycles and messenger bicycles, is another market that’s NGOs and general public institutions similar to the police, who buy bicycles montañeras the real estate of their responsibilities. In the pastoral areas, in elements of Central and Southern Caribbean gleam demand for motorcycles montañeras “mentioned the elected president of Andiva.

Nationwide Police figures indicate that 300,000 bikes up the car fleet of Nicaragua. Motorcyclists stay in preliminary place among even more automobiles obtain worked up about car incidents, by leading to 40% of these, connected with data from the Nationwide Guests Safety, released not long ago.

On this written content Alvaro Rodriguez, president of Andiva reveals that the providing companies are keeping meetings with the Nationwide Law enforcement to respond to the issue of mishaps on motorcycles.

“We’ve triggered the authorities for folks to make use of the bike helmet could be a significant safety measure, but we wished to apply something of education responsible journeying, that may join the practical and theoretical examinations. We are concentrated, because as businesses and as Andiva we wish that (incidents) cannot continue offering, “mentioned Rodriguez.

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