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Salom’s death was not due to a mechanical failure or a pothole

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has prepared a technical report following the accident last June 3 killed Luis Salom. This statement dismisses nov the Mallorcan rider was because of mechanical failing on his motorbike or the rider to reduce control and desequilibrase after moving over a bump. Based on the researchers, the prevailing bump in the tragic change 12 there, nonetheless it dribbled on that lap and prevented.

The report published by the FIM, considers that the pilot dropped control of his Kalex by a distraction to attempt to address the penultimate corner with the intention to handle the finishing straight at high speed, or rush in to the previous maneuver to control the complicated curve.

About tires the record says.. “Leading and rear wheels were inspected and had been in good condition The info showed that the trunk tire pressure was suggested during the incident pressure This confirms that the issue with the trunk tire is usually a consequence rather than a reason behind the accident “.

They also have confirmed other harm on the bike, like the handlebar was loose, and they have remarked that if the impact suffered in the fall.

Bad luck, key

Salom was unlucky to slide straight down the asphalt in parallel along with his bike a brief distance, something that rarely happens in this kind of accident. The bicycle also was thrown turning on itself, learning to be a whirlwind fatally damage your body of Salom.

The researchers, who’ve provided all types of information, including telemetry, have concluded that the probability that the bike would have had a problem should be ruled out completely.

Danny Aldridge, technical director of the global world, belongs to the band of investigators of the case and noticed following the incident some slack about the proper handlebar, gas, Salom in the bike. It’s been difficult to prove that independence existed prior to the accident, which includes been totally ruled mechanical failure.

Main findings

The report issued by the FIM has confirmed that the original analysis showed that during the accident, the bike was about 4 slower Km in his quickest lap, but during braking, the pilot was about 7 or 8 meters later on that in his best lap.

It had been confirmed that in the right section located between your two curves, had a partial slice in the acelerador.Se speculated that the pilot might have looked back, misread his placement or be beyond your usual line, which could have caused a rise in brake pressure, which appears reflected in telemetry. As a primary result, the bicycle lose front support. It had been thus confirmed they have didn’t appreciate something unusual.

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