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Spain has the oldest park bikes of the European Union

This sales pace, it could take twenty years to renew our fleet of motorcycles “says José María Riaño, Secretary General of Anesdor, the bosses of both wheels in Spain. And that registrations, which in 2014 ended an operate of seven years of falls, booming consolidating its recovery still.

Between and June January, 73,012 units, 13.8% more were sold, to complete the very best half from 89,000 vehicles in ’09 2009. To this ought to be added other 7,661 motorcycles (+ 2%) and 2,672 tricycles and quadricycles (+ 10.6%).

“Our forecast is to get rid of the entire year with 167,000 models,” says Riano, but understand that this physique is “definately not the purpose of sustainability that units our association and that’s 250,000 units.”

Although even more concerned about how exactly little lessen 14.7 years, normally, have the motorcycle recreation area, consisting of almost three million vehicles. They will be the oldest among the five largest marketplaces. Germany is the one which has the most modern and secure.

Spain gets the oldest park bicycles of europe
Because consequence of the phenomenon, the common age of motorcycles involved with accidents has already been 13 years. And practically non-e of them available aids such as ABS anti-lock brake or traction controls, are increasingly popular. Actually, the Abdominal muscles (or combined versions up to 125 cc braking) are needed with the latest Euro 4.

This, as necessary for approval and since 2017 for registrations, contains reductions of 56% in CO2 and half in unburned hydrocarbons.

“The reasonable goal is always to lower 1st at a decade old and, at seven,” says the secretary of Anesdor. However they do not require this aid strategy Pive style passenger vehicles. At least, not short-term because what they state are “structural measures, not really a point that may alter the demand artificially.”

In this sense, they think that without having yet formed a government, it creates no sense to improve a battery of lawsuits. Although whatever the indication comes out, will encounter “an essential step, as is taxes reform affecting both automobile and motorcycles. Because it can’t be that burden are bearing specifically new vehicles. and we are [in the globe of two wheels] taxes champions in Europe, “gives César Rojo, KTM president and CEO of Anesdor.

Following the new additions this year-seven companies with 23 brands- association right now signifies 96% of the sector. And it has additionally became a member of the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation, but are extremely difficult to reach 100% since the rest “have become small and actually occasional marks, which show up and disappear” Red factors.

They also have ensured that the Administration finally see them as a “valid interlocutor, although have vehicle factories hardly. But there are parts, except that people are sections that let lots of money including presentation of fresh models or activities sports activities “.

In this feeling, the last negotiation where they are immersed may be the eco-labeling of motorcycles, that they raised an identical system that is implemented in cars.

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