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Victory Octane: powerful and dynamic

Victory Octane is usually a bicycle with lowest chair and footrests advanced. I won’t define it as a custom made. Rather it says that it’s simply an American motorbike. What do I state this? Continue reading and see.

They state the Octane emerged from Roland Sands Project 156, with the pilot Don Sing back of the extremely special Octane prepared particularly for the legendary Pikes Peak hill climb.

What better spot to check the performance of a racing engine V-Twin prototype for the even more demanding mainly because a career may be the America-the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb? That was the goal of the building of Task 156, the test system for the 1st engine of Triumph liquid-cooled, which finally offered as the foundation for the brand new Octane.

Victory Octane certainly may lean a lot more than most cruisersVictory Racing’s Project 156, lots that refers to the quantity of curves may be the road resulting in the summit of 14,110-feet Pikes Peak. It had been a collaboration between Success Engineering team, which created the engine, and Roland Sands Style, which created the chassis created by hand, as well as the exchange. The pilot of the very unique Octane was Don Cante, editor and tester of Cycle Globe. A fall in the next sector of the mountain avoided Canet finish the competition before had qualified initial in the Exhibition Course and fourth overall 60 bikes registered, keeping speed with Honda, Ducati and kawasaki. And even though the engine of Task 156 was a prototype developed particularly for this race, a few of the components, including engine and transmission molds are similar to what we have now observe in the Octane series.

Victory exudes passion, and it shows. The Project 156, which would emerge the Octane, began to arouse curiosity in many areas of the world of motorcycles.

A “burnout” of 2.23 miles

Victory aerobatic pilot Joe Dryden became the owner of a novel and unique Guinness record. On March 2, 2016 and at the controls of a Victory Octane, he managed to complete 2.23 miles to Orlando Speed ​​World. Over seven laps, Joe Dryden not stopped burning wheel. It witnessed the ensuing court official responsible for certifying the veracity of the Guinness record, in addition to our photographer Felix Romero who happened by. The tire of Octane just totally disintegrated and obviously fuming.
“It was not easy, but it was much easier in a Octane Victory, which in most other bikes,” Dryden said. “Once I found the ideal balance of braking and acceleration, it was only a matter of time-and tyres-, before setting the new record.”

A new family

Victory needed a new engine in its catalog, a new collection of motorcycles equipped with a modern air that the 1700 engine. And here she is, the Octane.

Edgy, stylish, attractive and sober, the Octane is a statement of intent, the result of a studied business plan to cope with a growing and demanding market.

With a clear and evident similar to the Indian Scout, it seems this is the same bike, however, we face an extremely different bike, despite having been conceived by the designers themselves, or at least that’s what it appears. In the event anyone still will not know, Indian and Victory participate in the same group (Polaris Industries).

We were dying to try the Triumph Octane. Still I really do not know precisely why this bicycle had aroused much curiosity in me. Well yes, the illusion of finding something new and various. And it had been really so, the Octane represents the genuine and true fresh air.

The Octane is black and gray, austere speaking chromatically, but with angular stylized lines. Its style combines stylistic beauty with an intense technology. The Octane was created nearly from scratch, but with the bottom and Indian Scout encounter is clear. His likeness in conditions of chassis and engine evidenced.

They say the just propellant appears in configuration and features, in fact this one 1,179 cubic cc and 1,133 cc Scout. Two millimeters in diameter, trees personal cams and particular tuning. The molds of the cylinders, cylinder heads and engine addresses, are fresh. With a bore and stroke of 73.6 mm x 101, a charged power of 104 hp at 8,000 rpm and 10.5 kgm engine at 6,000 rpm torque is achieved.

The stunning and cañero 60 ° V engine of Octane, is involved in believe it or not stylized cast aluminum chassis, like the Scout, but designed particularly for Octane. A true masterpiece of design with a bestial front side.
The wheelbase is defined by 1,578 mm, 16 mm a lot more than the Scout.
Leading tire is a log 130 / 70-18 “, as the rear wheel mounts a tire even more sports events, 160 / 70-17”. Success Octane, behaves similar to a motorcycle when compared to a custom …

A single disk brake front of 298 mm in diameter with 2-piston caliper and ditto for the trunk wheel, his group is supported by Abdominal muscles. The front suspension includes a telescopic fork 41 mm diameter and 120 mm of travel. The trunk dampers form two 76 mm travel. Identical steps in the Scout, although used appear different. The Octane performs far better in this respect. Standard numbers for a cruiser, where simplicity is more essential than intense acceleration: the Octane weighs 243 kg, four significantly less than the Scout.

What’s most striking aesthetically of Octane, is without a doubt its fuel tank. Elongated and angular, exhales an excellent personality, with a style that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before, part of the Scout herself, of course.

I can’t deny that I really like Octane aesthetically, although there’s a piece that I simply do not easily fit into this stylistic puzzle: the tiny dome of the lighthouse. I did so not dare to eliminate it, but I’m sure it looks better without it, although its aerodynamic function meets.

The info board is sparse, but concise. An individual spherical watch contains all you need, or rather plenty of to get overly enthusiastic by these roads of God. analog speedometer, with a windows that informs us chosen equipment, total kilometers and one partial, period, and engine rpm. The gas level information that continues to be in the container is just a little sparse. Just Sneak booking form provider, warn us that people cannot throw us to avoid to refuel soon.

Octane and adrenaline

“Grab an excellent engine, place it in a light-weight chassis, it and remove any kind of element of comfort and ease or other unnecessary add-ons. What remains is merely what you have to go very fast, and nothing at all else. This is actually the formula for the present day American Musclebike “. This is one way begins the explanation of the Triumph Octane we on the site of the brand. There is nothing further from reality, it is as greatest you could determine this magnificent and amazing bike.

Octane and adrenaline, therefore the new Success Octane, with an extremely strong character, but overlooked, is not revealed.
The first two-cylinder “water” Victory, expresses its intentional expressiveness clearly. Octane Victory, Victory isn’t just the most effective series that is produced, but the most effective. With a cost of 13,200 €, it really is emerging as a surprising rvelation in the sector. The cast aluminium chassis that people have discussed, transmits before last horsepower right to the asphalt.

Forget all you think you understand about V-Twin American motorbike. Forget the traditional proven fact that American bikes are great, boring. Victory gives a new vision of the American motorcycles that exude an even of overall performance and emotion hitherto unfamiliar. This is today’s American muscle-bike.

With Octane, Victory is reaffirmed as contemporary and innovative, forward without dread to embrace new ideas in design, materials and technology. A sensible way to defend the “position quo” brand.

We tear off the bicycle, heating up a bit, first speed and all of a sudden We are at the 1st light, nearly without noticing. As pushes the Octane. The switch is felt necessary, without halftones, like the engine, which right away alerts you who you’re coping with. The answer is usually immediate.

But just like the Scout Indian, the engine of the Octane makes the first impression is nice, reaffirming what engineers are capable of doing when they are permitted to style and tune an engine without needs maximum efficiency per cubic centimeter in the end, Ducati V-Twin produces an identical engine, which almost doubles the power of the Octane-. Victory things will vary, there are other ideals ​​and parameters to consider.

Just a little town to catch a little stretch of highway to go back home. Exprimo the initial velocity until reach the rev limiter and we arranged a lot more than 70 km / h, the next and third draw with the same force. And the 160 km / h easily come. But a lot more impressive is the relieve with the bicycle strip in the centre range at low rate, and if we had been in 6th, could drag until 1,250 rpm, uncut. The throttle is definitely assisted by the ECU through the by-wire. Though it comes with large 1.179cc Twin pistons, engine vibrations, usually do not reach the traveling position: a 65 km / h about the motorway are simply soft.

Between 120 and 130 km / h, a ghost in the type of buzz caresses us somewhat, through the handlebars and footrests especially, but sufficient to remind you are being powered by a twin-cylinder, but without disturbing.


The Octane certainly can lean a lot more most cruisers, which requires pretty much an angle of 32 degrees prior to the exhaust reaches to touch the asphalt.

It’s nice to pull curves with Octane. Its chassis, suspension and traveling position enable you to go quicker than imaginable with a motorbike of the type. And can be that as I stated twice a bicycle with low chair and footrests advanced, isn’t a custom as generally denominate. That is an appreciation very own conclusion I’ve reached after attempting a few days. Check it out and see.

Measures tires are no issue to drive with speed and peacefully, without strangers, regardless of the striker 130.
The engine pushes forcefully over the curve of the counter and enables you to have a cheerful rhythm all the time, with the existence of a big torque. His response is certainly immediate, all-wheel drive. The injection system responds all the time, even in cold maintains the engine idling steady.
Around, the engine warms his, especially for the collectors. Twin forces manifest …

In mixed driving, city and highway, with the Octane I walked 140 km before snitch reserving lit; about 7 liters of moderate.
Series, the Octane Triumph shows up only with the driver’s chair, but is approved for just two seats. This means you certainly do not need to undergo the ITV. The price of the kit for just two seats is € 409, VAT included. At the moment only it is produced in gray motorbike test, which incidentally, I think it is very successful.

Definitely. For handling, functionality, design and functionality, the Success Octane is a bicycle for daily make use of and weekend, for whatever needs doing.
There are extremely few bikes that are currently in production, he’d write his name in the letter to the Magi, one of these is this Victory Octane. And I state with full conviction.

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