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November 7, 2016 Comments (0) News, Yamaha

The Incredible Yamaha MT-10



Technically also optimized the combustion efficiency due to the intake ports, intake valves 31 mm (33 mm in R1) and a new camshaft. Other key for said improved torque in the low range and average speed are in the air intake box higher volume, 12 liters 10.5 R1, the new throttle body injection simple and a new map of injection. In addition the escape has been redesigned is titanium and steel.

More internal changes are found in the inertial mass of the crankshaft, optimized by 40% compared to the R1 thanks to the weight of the rotor and materials. In this connection the titanium connecting rods R1 have been replaced by a steel.

Nor have lagged behind changes in the chassis and in this section by 60% of the elements of the chassis have been adjusted relative to the R1 and we find changes in weight distribution. The front driving position, the fuel tank is shorter and adding mass in the lower area of the engine and exhaust have permitted weight distribution of 51-49% on the front axle and rear respectively.

On the other hand and in order to reduce the tip speed compared to yield a more versatile use, the rear sprocket carries two teeth (43 41 at R1) and triple tree address and rear subframe are specific this model.

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