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November 7, 2016 Comments (0) News, Yamaha

The Incredible Yamaha MT-10

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More Than Expected


The design you may like more or less, is different. But once you climb on it that is forgotten. Only perceive the monstrosity of the width of your deposit and fins. The enlarged air intake box is felt and the feeling of protection is high. Ergonomics surprised. Well get down, arms relaxed position and posture of the almost perfect back to not load the body. The same applies to the footrests.

Once we set up all that fades away from my thoughts, it’s like the dark side take me literally. The new super naked is like a block that engulfs you, makes you feel part of it, and not exaggerating. Rarely you have that feeling when testing for the first time a motorcycle. Is imperturbable, the notes of one piece. Even the seat upholstery is made so that you do not move one iota even with jeans.

We had prepared a journey of about 330 Km distributed to all areas of roads, highway and some city. I started with the Standard mode of power and traction control at level 3, the maximum intervention if necessary.

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