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November 7, 2016 Comments (0) News, Yamaha

The Incredible Yamaha MT-10

Very Manageable


The screen has little to do with the present in an R1. However it looks good, with enough information and glare even with the covered sky. All digital, chaired by the speedometer, tachometer with growing rods and gear indicator.

CP4 engine sound is somewhat softer note with respect to the engine of a R1, perhaps it sounds more hoarse midrange, but deep down is a sound that makes you feel at full capacity. The MT-10 is pure muscle, thrust from low revs. It is very manageable (it has the same wheelbase as a TM-07, 1,400 mm). It does not seem a bike derived from a Superbike.

Rigidities have remained in the background and no suspensions or possible vibrations bother to drive. The touch of gas in Standard mode is sublime, perfect, dispensable. But in case you want more power, the A mode is waiting for you. It is somewhat less dispensable, but controllable. Very different is switch to B mode where the throttle grip turns to attack the slightest movement of the wrist.

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